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Ready to Stop living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Hey you! I'm Latoya Whitfield!

I teach men and women generational wealth building techniques that help them turn their mindset into a financial success. If you have made your way here, I’m sure you are ready to make a change. You have tried method after method but it seems that you can never really get there. That was me! STUCK. I was working so hard, but I was not seeing the fruits of my labor. I was overwhelmed with debt and my credit score was terrible. It was not until I found the KEY principals that reprogrammed my mindset.

This is why I am so passionate about helping you succeed.

My background is in banking. While working in that industry, I helped many clients and colleagues achieve their financial goals. The unique approach that I used, helped them to eliminate debt and build wealth. This leads to increased credit scores, home purchases, increase savings, and overall financial stability. I continued to study and acquire as much knowledge as possible. After combining my experience and knowledge, I was able to start my own company to help individuals around the world. When I realized that I was actually making an impact, I said, “wow, this is what it feels like to know your purpose.” I am eager to help you in that same way!

This is one thing that I know for sure: A word or phrase can help you change your mindset. I saw a quote that said, “ It’s never to late to be what you might have been.” I applied this to my life. I realized that I had too much knowledge to just keep it to myself. So, the same applies to you. It’s never too late to secure a financial future. You have to ability to change to trajectory of your situation.

You Don't Understand the Psychology behind money

This was eye opening for me. Don’t you know that I felt bad when I told someone no if they asked for money. Understanding boundaries helped me to jump over that hurdle. Someone else’s bad money management is not your problem.

You lack expertise to get you there!

So what??!! You don’t know it all! That’s ok! You are an expert in your field and you make good money! Everyone thinks that you should have it together, but you need help in the area of money management! Don’t be embarrassed. We all have a struggle area but once we make up in our mind that we want to change indefinitely, it will happen. And don’t apologize for leveling up!

You Doubt Yourself!

You are Intelligent! You are creative! You are resourceful! You are purposeful! You are all these things, BUT doubt kicks in! BUT is a dangerous word because it eliminates all of your greatness. When will you stop doubting yourself? You are just as worthy as the next person to be wealthy.

You can't let go of the past

“My parents didn’t teach me!” I said this so many times. After coming from a family of poverty, I allowed this to hold me back so many times. Each time I made a mistake, I said, “ I wish I had been educated about my finances.” While this is true, it is insanity to hold on to this. We must find a way to overcome and break this generational curse of poverty.

I'm Here to Help you

I'm Here to Help

Discovery Call

This call is designed to help us discover your financial challenges and to identify what programs are right for you!

Financial Consultations

This is a strategy call designed to answer challenging questions and to give you a financial strategy that leads to sucess.

1-on-1 Programs

Imagine having an accountability partner or your cheerleader. That is what we are to you. We give you a step by step guide to success. We suggest completing an assessment form.

Speaking Engagements

Are you a company needing to ensure that your team is equipped financially? We are willing to partner with Non Profit or For Profit organizations.

Our program MAY BE for you if

  • You are tired and ready to finally get your finances in order

  • You want to be educated about credit, savings, budgeting.

  • Your emotions make decisions for you

  • You don’t understand how to leverage credit for your benefit

  • You are living pay check to paycheck

  • You have trouble sticking to a budget

  • You make great money, but you get anxiety whenever you think about it

  • You can’t find an effective debt payoff plan

  • You need a step-by-step strategy that can be applied immediately

  • You need an accountability partner

This program may NOT be for you if

  • You need help understanding the stock market

  • If you are not willing to apply the strategies immediately

  • If you want a get rich quick method

  • You are already great at making great decisions with money.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



To the BEST financial coach I could ever ask for!! Thank you for all you do, and for always going above and beyond. If you need someone to help get your life all the way together, I highly recommend her! She is such an EXPERT in the are of finances. She is so amazing.

K.Michelle Brunner

" I had one consultation and immediately I started following advice. Since using Budgeting with Whit services, I've paid off two loans, consolidated student loans, and became a homeowner! I have watched my score go from the low 5's to the high 6's!

Tori Monique